Лечение поясничного отдела позвоночника

Уникальная нехирургическая система позвоночной декомпрессии. Мы поставляем DRX9000™ в помощь организациям здравоохранения в их работе по лечению поясничных болей. Система DRX9000™ обеспечивает первичный метод лечения, направленный на устранение болей и потери трудоспособности пациентов, страдающих от болей в пояснице и ишиаса.

Приставка для лечения шейных позвонков

Приставка DRX9000С™ может быть добавлена к уже имеющейся DRX9000™ системе позвоночной декомпрессии или ее можно приобрести в качестве комбинированной системы. Система DRX9000С™ была создана в помощь организациям здравоохранения в их работе по лечению болей в шейном отделе позвоночника.

Лечение шейного отдела позвоночника

Аппарат DRX9500™ представляет собой независимую систему с интегрированной кушеткой, которая обеспечивает полномасштабный подход к лечению болей в шейном отделе позвоночника. С помощью системы DRX9500™ организации здравоохранения могут лечить пациентов от болей в шее, вызванных грыжей межпозвоночных дисков, остеохондрозом или деформацией дисков.


Excite Medical Corp
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Tampa, FL 33624
Phone: (813) 210-1000
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Press Release

CONTACT: Saleem Musallam, President
Excite Medical Corp.
Phone Number: +1 (813) 210-100



Tampa, Florida, March 31, 2011.

In response to a large number of inquiries for an explanation of what happened to Axiom Worldwide™ and who can manufacture, sell and service the DRX9000™, Excite Medical would like to provide the public with the following timeline of the events of the past year:

March 2010 – Axiom Worldwide™ closes its doors and assigns all of its physical and intellectual property rights to Progress Bank through court proceedings.

July 2010 – HTRD Group Hong Kong Limited purchases all of Axiom Worldwide's physical and intellectual property from Progress Bank free of any liabilities.

August 2010 – HTRD Group Hong Kong Limited chooses Excite Medical Corp based in Tampa, Florida as their exclusive contract manufacturer and distributor of DRX9000™, DRX9000C™, DRX9500™ and all devices previously manufactured by Axiom Worldwide™.

December 2010 – The United States Patent and Trademarks office transfers the legal ownership of all trademarks previously owned by Axiom Worldwide™ to HTRD Group Hong Kong Limited . A few of these trademarks include:

"Axiom Worldwide" (Serial No. 76533071)
"DRX 9000" (Serial No. 76533070)

December 2010 – The United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) transferred the legal ownership of the following 510(k)s:
Device Name
510 (k) Number
January 2011 – Excite Medical becomes registered with the FDA as the new contract manufacturer of the DRX9000™ and the DRX5000™ (DRX9000C™). Also, Excite Medical proudly to announces the achievement of becoming ISO 13485 Certified.

March 2011 – HTRD Group Hong Kong Limited enters into an exclusive agreement with Danaher Motion for purchasing the servo amplifier and motor for the DRX9000™. This strategic alliance ensures that HTRD Group Hong Kong Limited and Excite Medical Corp will have the exclusive capability of building and supporting DRX9000™ systems.


HTRD Group Hong Kong Limited is the current owner of Axiom Worldwide's intellectual property rights, including the DRX9000 and related devices. These devices were previously produced by Axiom Worldwide, but have been sold by its bank under legal proceedings. HTRD has chosen Excite Medical Corp., for its knowledge and ability to distribute & support these devices successfully, to be the exclusive contract manufacturer and distributor worldwide.

If you have any questions to the above mentioned information and would like supporting documentation of any portion please feel free to contact Excite Medical at +1 (813) 210-1000.

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